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Our Vision

Preserve Our Past, Build Our Future

RISE Inc. is a Hmong-centric organiztion that takes great pride in its cultural background. We seek to honor our culture but also build upon in it our community.

Our Mission


RISE is an acronym that lays the groundwork for the entirety of the non-profit’s efforts: Recreation, Impact, Sports, and Ethics.

Recreation: Acknowledge Hmong creativity and uniqueness by promoting our culture through recreational activities that celebrates, commemorates, and educates; thereby cultivating cross-cultural understanding and elevating a more cohesive community.


Impact: Create a support system that’s impactful and meaningful. To provide a safe space where our artists and performers have a platform to showcase their talents to the community with the intention of inspiring others to pursue their passions, knowing that there’s a relevant springboard to catapult their dreams into careers.

Sports:  Establish solidarity through a robust infrastructure that emphasizes interdependence as the pinnacle of self-actualization.  Participants will learn the importance of cooperation and teamsmanship through the competitive nature of sports while also attaining physical wellness as a byproduct in an environment that nurtures unity; coming to the realization that the community is an extension of the team as a whole.


Ethics:  Advocate for equity in economic development with ethics being the nucleus.  The intention is to be the connection between knowledge and resources for the community.  The growth and empowerment of individuals to not only become independently successful, but also be the embodiment of RISE by giving back and being a positive role model for future generations.

Our Leadership

Tou Lee

President / Chief Executive Officer

Johnny Lee

Vice President / Chief Operating Officer

Va Her

Vice President of Community Impact

Danny Lee

Chief Safety Officer

Lee Lee

Chief Financial Officer

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Board Members & Program Directors

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