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Our Vision

Preserve Our Past, Build Our Future

Mission Statement

Recreation: Acknowledge Hmong creativity and uniqueness by promoting our culture through recreational activities that celebrates, commemorates, and educates; thereby cultivating cross-cultural understanding and elevating a more cohesive community.


Impact: Create a support system that’s impactful and meaningful.  To provide a safe space where our artists and performers have a platform to showcase their talents to the community with the intention of inspiring others to pursue their passions, knowing that there’s a relevant springboard to catapult their dreams into careers.

Sports:  Establish solidarity through a robust infrastructure that emphasizes interdependence as the pinnacle of self-actualization.  Participants will learn the importance of cooperation and teamsmanship through the competitive nature of sports while also attaining physical wellness as a byproduct in an environment that nurtures unity; coming to the realization that the community is an extension of the team as a whole.


Ethics:  Advocate for equity in economic development with ethics being the nucleus.  The intention is to be the connection between knowledge and resources for the community.  The growth and empowerment of individuals to not only become independently successful, but also be the embodiment of RISE by giving back and being a positive role model for future generations.


Meet the Team

A Community Based Organization That Addresses Community Based Matters. 

President / Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Tou Lee

Tou is the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) responsible for creating and marketing programs to help serve the community in Fresno and the Central Valley. He has seen so many people fall short of success because they gave up too soon. RISE aims to change that pattern of behavior and mentality by sharing the struggle even when nine of 10 yards remain for the touchdown. Tou seeks to break the barriers and provide a lifeline for anyone who wants to rise up and live their best lives. In the Army, he was the Assistant Team Leader for the Veterans Honors Program. After completing his military service contract, Tou worked for the State of California at the Department of Motor Vehicles, where he realized that the cubicle life was not for him so he left to create his own companies. This way, he could reach more people and teach them to become self-reliant through accountability and persistence. True to his intentions, Tou is the founder of Connectech, Inspired Empowerment Group, and he is the co-founder of Office Guyz.

Vice President / Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Johnny Lee

As the Vice President and Chief Operations Officer (COO), Johnny believes in creating an equal platform for anyone and everyone to build a foundation and excel. He wants to make an impact by building more affordable sports and recreation programs for the underprivileged of all backgrounds. Johnny wants to help the young and the elderly alike and build a community for everyone to get together and enjoy each other's company.

Johnny grew up in Fresno and is a husband and a father of six. He believes in strong family values and always puts his family first. Growing up, he played back door football with his brothers and participated in afterschool programs. As his family expanded, he and his siblings could no longer afford them. Now, Johnny wants his children to grow up with the opportunity to be impacted by sports and recreational activities. A huge advocate for Hmong youth and the young adult sports community, he has been a part of Hmong flag football since 2005, fulfilling roles as a player, a leader, a coach and a mentor to both young men and women.

Vice President of Community Impact

Va Her

Va brings comprehensive knowledge and experience in financial planning and analysis, budget management, reporting, and securing of new funding. He joined RISE because he believes in recognizing the worth of every individual. He envisions an economic system that does not sacrifice employees for corporate numbers and instead places greater importance on the person.

At the Department of Veterans Affairs, Va manages government information, conducts audits and ensures proper reporting as a Research Compliance Officer. In addition, he is a disabled veteran with deployments to Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom) and Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom). He has a B.S. in Business and possesses multidisciplinary skills in Microsoft Office/SharePoint, Project Master, Compliance, and Business Development and Training.

Secretary / Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

Kyle Moua

Kyle is the head of the Music Department and the Senior Guitar Instructor. As such, he oversees everything having to do with music and entertainment. RISE is a place where he can provide the space and support for striving artists and talented individuals. His vision is to provide a place where the community and youth can come together to share the love of music. He will help individuals excel in their current abilities, passion and untapped talent.

Kyle understands that, in growing up and trying to pursue your dreams, something as simple as getting to a performance or exploring interests outside of your parents’ guidance can be bigger obstacles than imagined. Here at RISE, he helps build talent and self-esteem to realize each person’s dreams. ​

Board Member / Public Relations Officer (PRO)

Sunshine Lee

Sunshine, the Public Relations Officer, received her baccalaureate in Arts and Humanities, Communication. She chose to stand by RISE because she believes in its mission and vision. Building a safe space for the community is only the tip of the iceberg, and she cannot wait to bring out the best of RISE for you all.

As a child, Sunshine loved creating whether that be playing dress-up or writing stories. At a young age Miss Lee knew that her future belonged in an expressive field. During her collegian years she was recognized for her skills by her peers, professors and acquaintances. She soon came to realize that her dream career was to create, collaborate, and work towards ideas, products, and services that give people a sense of home and safety. Public Relations is right where she belongs.

Board Member / Chief Safety Officer (CSO)

Danny Lee

Danny is the Chief Safety Officer. He chose to be a part of RISE because of its vision, and he wants to help the RISE community grow. He creates safety policies and ensures their implementation in RISE operations. In addition, his team identifies the relevant training and education needs.

Danny’s biggest achievement was joining the California Army National Guard and serving his country for six years. The mottos “Follow Me” and “Lead the Way Drill Sergeant, Lead the Way” have been positive motivation for his military and civilian careers and for his life. He is a proud disabled veteran (Operation Iraqi Freedom 2007-2008). He works as a Motor Vehicle Representative for the Department of Motor Vehicles and serves the public by processing Commercial Driver licenses, Class C Driver licenses, Identification Cards and the transfers of vehicles. He enjoys traveling and is a food critic at heart. Because of his love for food he is committed to gyming.

Board Member / Activities Director

Bruce Vang

Bruce is the Multimedia and Sports Director who creates video content about the organization and teaches the youth about leadership and sports. He chose RISE as the place to be because it offers him an opportunity to make a positive impact for others. He always had a passion in helping the youth become better athletes and more caring people. Now he wants to help them achieve long term success. He understands that every person is different and comes from different backgrounds. He will learn about each person and adopt realistic individual goals in the sports program.

Bruce is currently a Fresno State student majoring in kinesiology to become a Physical Education teacher. He chose this path because he's very passionate about being physically active and would love to guide the youth toward healthy lifestyles. He loves football and has been committed to Hmong flag football since 2015. He also loves making videos such as cinematic films and skits. For a long time, he couldn't visualize being Hmong because he saw no benefits from learning or speaking Hmong. Still, he always had Hmong friends and now he truly feels that being Hmong is the only way he can express who he really is.

Board Member / Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Lee Lee

Lee Lee is the Chief Financial Officer of RISE, Inc. Her extensive business financial background includes the management of multi-million dollars in assets, operating budgets, and revenues. She was responsible and integral in her previous marketing company's new campaigns of penetration into five new markets she oversaw and built from the ground up.

She is a devoted mother and wife who treasures her family first and would do anything in her power to provide for them. With her strong financial background and her passion for helping people, she chose to be a part of RISE to achieve their mission to uplift the community because she believes that everyone deserves a chance to live the best lives they can.

Board Member / Sound Engineer

Pao Xiong

Pao Xiong is a former California Army National Guard with the 185th Quartermaster Battalion in Fresno, California. He served 6 years with a one year deployment to Iraq for Operation Iraqis Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Sergeant X, as his commander and senior NCO has come to call him, served proudly and still does, currently serving our veterans at the VA Hospital right here in Fresno, California. As RISE Chief Sound Engineer, he oversees all productions and developments of audio effects. At home he is a father of 4 girls and a husband to a wife who has been there through the ups and down of his life.

Board Member

Michael Lee

Michael is currently serving in the United States Navy Reserve. When he is not in uniform, he ensures the safety of others as a civilian aviation mechanic rebuilding and maintaining aircraft from commercial airlines to our fighter jets. Michael sees a bright future with RISE, who like him has no limits.

He is a family man who puts others first. He has two fabulous Huskies that keep up with their adrenaline junky owner. Michael is a longtime family business owner, who solely owns and operates Asian One Grocery and Legendary Pho Kitchen. Business runs in his blood and his ambition is to help others improve their operations. His same sense of duty to the United States military accompanies him as a RISE board member who protects the organization’s reputation and honor.

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