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Rise inc. Presents...

Unity Night Market

RISE Night Market is a family friendly event for the community that features local food vendors and merchandisers. There is live entertainment, karaoke and fun activities for people of all ages. Come for great food and shopping, but most importantly, come enjoy time with friends and family. Let us RISE together as a community.


Shin-Ryuu Academy

Shin-Ryuu Academy is a karate instruction class. To those that have little experience with the world of martial arts, the entire idea of karate can seem violent and dangerous. Upon a closer inspection, however, many find that they can reap an innumerable amount of benefits from the participation in a martial arts training program

Fields of Impact

Content Creation

Serving as a platform for the community stretches into the world of social media. Partnerships with Inspired Empowerment Group and the California Hmong Chamber of Commerce have garnered thousands of views.

Educational Programs

The RISE team serves to educate the public in interests that serve the community. From programs on authorship to financial literacy, we prepare community members for their futures.

Church Services

The RISE Community Church, now open to the public, serves the public in more way than one. Through organized church service, the ministry gives back through donations and more.

Athletics Club

Sports are a complete essential to the development of any close-knit neighborhood. Beginning with a volleyball league, RISE Inc. plans to expand towards providing more accessible sports for the community.

Music Production

RISE Inc. believes in the expression of self through art. Music production is offered at the RISE Center to provide a voice for unspoken groups as well as for the enjoyment of music creation.

Community Events

As the pandemic comes near an end, RISE Inc. is prepared to re-open their trademark community events that have become beloved by many. Night markets, car shows, and film festivals are among the many events RISE seeks to implement over the next year.

building a community

Together By Lifting Up Our Community

RISE Inc. is a community-based organization that addresses community based matters; if you are looking to gain experiences where your efforts make a difference, apply to be a part of the RISE family and make an impact within the local community.

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